So you go to Costco and you get the salmon, because well, it’s awesome. You BBQ up the fillet which is about 25′ long, wrapping it in foil and topping it with butter, garlic, salt, pepper, and light bit of Paul Purdome’s Seafood magic seasoning. Envelope up the foil and BBQ it until it’s ready. When you’re done with dinner and you realize that you probably have more than half of the salmon left, refrigerate it (or freeze it if it’ll be a while before eating it) for tomorrow.

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Dixie FryPanko










Not being a big fan of cauliflower, this one really jumped out at me. I mean, I’ll eat it, steamed mixed with other veggies and such, but it just wasn’t high on my veggie hit list. Definitely not enough to buy a whole head like the one the Mrs brought home the other night.

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After going out for all you can eat sushi (and we’re not talking about that buffet crap but a restaurant’s regular menu made to order) that is great!

Homemade sushi


We made ours with shrimp, shrimp with spices and sriracha, or with ahi. Most of the work is getting the rice just right. She is the one who knows what’s going on but I’m told that a simple internet search will yield the same results.

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Simple and quick fix to spice up the morning’s boring bagel and cream cheese, is only two added ingredients. A bit of Cajun spice added to the whipped cream cheese, layered in a few tomatoes from the garden, and transformation in to a flavorful breakfast treat. It all can be prepared in the time it takes the toaster to do its thing.

Bagel spread

Yes it is baked but tastes like it was fried!

Here’s another simple recipe that you can do using a few common ingredients. We started with some thawed out chicken thighs but I”m sure you can use whichever you prefer. After mixing some mayo with garlic, fresh basil, salt and pepper, it was combined with the chicken in a bag in order to evenly coat all the pieces.

Then they are coated in a mixture of Panko breadcrumbs, Italian breadcrumbs, and Parmesan.  The Parmesan adds a nice crustiness to it while the others have a great flavoir together.  Placed on a cookie sheet, baked at 400 until golden brown and it’s ready to go.



Combined with sides of creamed spinach, mac and cheese, and tortellini this fresh salmon was well complimented.  The ingredients of horseradish mustard, garlic, and brown sugar were stirred together and spread on top of the salmon fillets.  We then baked them until done and served it up.

Swordfish and sides


Swordfish is a great firm white fish that doesn’t have a “fishy” flavor, and it’s a very healthy fish as well. I personally know of someone who went on a swordfish diet and lost 20 lbs. There are numerous ways to cook up the fish giving it a unique flavor.

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