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Salmon DInnerLast nights dinner was also quite easy without lacking in the flavor dept. We took a salmon filet and cut it in half. Put each half on some foil and on one, we put some spicy teriyaki sauce over the fish, We left the foil open for cooking. The other half got butter, garlic an rosemary (fresh!) chopped up pretty fine. After putting on the filet, folded the foil over and sealed it up like an envelope.

The green beans were canned and the white rice was leftover from dinner the other night. Everything got reheated just before taking the salmon out of the oven and enjoyed with a glass of red and a viewing of Madagasgar 2. Another easy meal that didn’t take long to prepare or cook.


Chips and Dip

While we were putting in our garden we got hungry for something to eat. Neither one of us wanted to put much effort in to making something, so she whipped this out pretty quick.

It is simply some of the left over Stroganoff dinner, refried beans, cheese, salsa, and sour cream. The meat, beans and cheese were heated in the microwave and then the sour cream and salsa were added. Quick, easy and pretty good. The beer and or tangerine grapefruit margarita are optional, but on the hot day, was enjoyed to the fullest.

Chips and Dip


We went out got some soil, a few plants and seeds in an attempt to grow some of our own ingredients. It’s kind of exciting to see what comes of it and hopefully we’ll get some return. On the right there is tomato (2 varieties), cilantro and Bell peppers. What you don’t see is the seeds planted for corn along the back, and staggered in front of that is variety of bells, zucchini. and yellow squash.

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