All posts for the day July 15th, 2014

Last night’s dinner was not only simple, but also very frugal. The chicken thighs were from Costco as was the Mac and Cheese. Sweet white corn from a local market was on sale at 5 for $1. You can’t do much better than that.

The chicken was thawed then sprinkled with Pepper-Lemon Seasoning and Bronzeville Rib Rub, both from the Spice House. After Q’ing until almost done. we slathered with Hickory BBQ sauce (whichever is on sale is fine).  Meanwhile, two of the ears of corn went right on the grill and mine, since I like it to marinade, got wrapped in foil with butter, California Pepper, and Vulcans Fire Salt. The Mac and Cheese, well come on, how can you dispute hundreds of thousands of dollars put in to R&D to make the perfect blend of chemicals and pasta?

That’s it. Simple, pretty quick and really inexpensive.