All posts for the day July 22nd, 2014

Simple dinner tonight, so simple that the camera (pronounced: phone) never came out. Last night’s leftover pork steaks breaded in a mix of Dixie Fry and Back Of the Yards Garlic Pepper Butcher’s Rub¬†and fried in canola oil made a great base for today’s last meal. With the zucchini slices I decided not to over do it as I may have last time. Today they just get coated in oil, California Pepper and garlic salt. From there they slide their way on to the preheated BBQ grill. Temperature was hovering around 250 and time wasn’t too long before removing.

With the oil and crusty bits from frying up the pork yesterday, a few other ingredients are added and the whole mixture is simmered and stirred until a great tasting gravy is formulated. Poured that over meat and mashed potatoes sided with the zucchini and a great easy quick meal is ready to feed the family.