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So why is there a bird on the post of a food site? It seems these little feathered f*#@wad foul are not only loud, but aggressive, territorial, and destructive. We had our excitement about creating a garden, quickly uprooted as every day after work we would find our seedlings pulled up, broke in half, or dug up and the whole thing gone. Needless to say that some thoughts in the illegal nature came about when trying to figure out how to deal with them, but there is a police officer that lives next door.

Bird NettingI opted to head to Freidman’s and got some bird netting, bamboo stakes, and some garden staples. Can you say PITA! It’s not pretty but it’s functional and that, is what I need to stay out of jail. I replanted seeds for the zucchini and yellow squash that got completely ripped out. I replaced a few corn and added another. We are still waiting for the bell peppers to poke through.

Garden with bird netting


Not all meals are prepared with a fair amount of thought put in to it. Sometimes when you need something really quick and easy, something to just get in to the feedbag, strap on to the kids and be done with it. Almost anything that is already put together can be significantly improved with a little doctoring up. Take pasta dishes in a box for example. This one came with a pouch of Velveeta cheese substance inside to mix with the pasta/rice. Nothing says “yummy” like some unknown mix of yellow died chemicals that someone passed through FDA and called it cheese.

We took some left over chicken, a little bit of broccoli, and some of the left over sauteed zucchini and cut in to small pieces. This was then all thrown in to the mix just before finishing the cooking so it all heats up sufficiently. As tempting as it was. the cheese pouch was was merely tapped in to for a little color. The real stuff, sharp cheddar, was brought out and grated over the dish, and given a quick shot in the oven to melt it.

Working late this day, I wasn’t around to document the preparation, but I was in time to enjoy the final product. I was hungry enough that I even forgot to snap a pick before almost finishing it.

Pasta Rice