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Swordfish and sides


Swordfish is a great firm white fish that doesn’t have a “fishy” flavor, and it’s a very healthy fish as well. I personally know of someone who went on a swordfish diet and lost 20 lbs. There are numerous ways to cook up the fish giving it a unique flavor.

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For something that I wasn’t even interested in to start with, I have invested enough time and effort that I damn well going to see this to fruition! As our first garden, we are quickly taking notes on what to do or not to do next time. For example, with the location of the garden now, the taller tomato plants should have been on the other end so when there is the majority of the sun, they aren’t casting a shadow over the over plants. Here’s our basil plant that is doing great. We read that you have to pinch off the seeds that grow at the tops to keep the stalks healthy. We saw the difference. Basil   Continue Reading

Lend Me Your Ear


Simple great summer side has always been corn. If you’re a fan of corn, especially that on the cob, and have only enjoyed the yellow variety, I must insist that you try white corn. Sweeter and in my opinion, more flavorful. But no matter whether your loyalty lies on the yellow or the white, do yourself and your guests a huge justice and do not boil your corn. It will change and degrade the flavor and texture of this vegetable.

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New York Steaks


I usually buy the vacuum packed packages of tri-tip steaks from Costco.  Anything at a lower price break is tough and really meant to be cooked in a way that I don’t try or have the knowledge for.  I’ve always been happy with the cut of the tri-tip, it’s not a bad cut at all and it’s priced well enough that you can get many nights meals for a reasonable price.

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Today on the way back from a trip to Roseville (a little town about 2 hours away and was 103F today) the beautiful Mrs suggested taking a detour on the way home and get some crawfish for dinner. We hadn’t ever tried cooking them but it sounded great as I had once before been introduced to them, again by her. A little Google action on the phone before departing and voila! We have a destination.

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